Dedicated to making your stay immensely comfortable

Our team are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, whether checking you in and making you feel welcome, cooking a stunning meal in our restaurant or sharing knowledge of Speyside whisky and the local area. We believe knowledge, friendliness and professionalism are key to providing excellent care for our guests.

Say hello to the Hotel 1881 team…

Tim Renshaw

Tim used to be a teacher. When you meet him, it's fairly obvious why he excelled in that profession before he made the move to hospitality: a more gentle and kind man, you will not find. In a short space of time, Tim has built a rapport with every member of the team in a manner that is warm and caring. He is genuine and seeks to build bonds that go beyond the everyday. We feel like we landed on our feet with him and are very happy that he has joined us.

Kieran McCallion

Kieran has always been a chef. He knew, from a very early age, that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and wear his own whites. At 14, he began working in a commercial kitchen and was convinced that this was where he would find his creative expression. He is dedicated to his role: sourcing excellent Scottish produce to create delicious food that makes people feel happy and fulfilled. We look forward to more of his mouth-watering, inspired menus.

Liam Ross

Liam has made the care of others his life’s work; he fundamentally understands what customer service is about and keenly demonstrates it. Since joining us in September, he has impressed us by exhibiting a degree of care for our guests’ comfort that would usually be reserved for close friends; he is kind, interested, genuinely enthusiastic and delighted to help in any situation. We are very lucky to have him as part of our team.

Sam Manby

Influenced by his mother's home cooking, Sam set his heart on becoming a professional chef from a young age. After leaving school, he worked in some of the best restaurants in the Western Isles before moving to the mainland to perfect his skills. "I'm really looking forward to creating, with Kieran, a unique dining space in Speyside."


S-J is the brightest person that you will meet - the sun quite literally radiates out of her every pore. When you need a lift, just being in her presence will lighten your load.

Bringing S-J on board has brought cohesion, consistency and excellence to the housekeeping team and also allowed for your breakfast to be served by someone who will brighten your day from the get-go! With no job being too small, S-J ensures that all tasks are carried out to the same high standard, with professionalism.